Ubuntu 10.04 on my netbook

I’ve said before that I’m using Jolicloud Linux on my netbook. Recently I installed Quassel-core on my server, and needed the Quassel client to connect to it. Jolicloud is based on an older Ubuntu (9.10 IIRC) and that meant an older (0.4) Quassel client, which doesn’t connect to my shiny 0.6 server :( So I’ve upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook edition. There’s not much difference in everyday usage. Big setup problem though – it doesn’t have the Broadcom drivers for the Wifi installed by default. So I had to plug in my USB Wifi stick (which is supported), install the Broadcom drivers, and then install the wired ethernet drivers, as I had to on Jolicloud.

But then it’s much the same. Except battery life has jumped frlom a claimed 5 hours 50 on a full charge to 8 hours 20! We’ll see how accurate that is and whether it goes downhill over the next few weeks (as that’s about what Windows 7 was claiming, and Jolicloud at the start)…

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