Interview on EEWeb

Well, [I’m “featured engineer”]( on [EEWeb]( today. I never expected to ever have my name featured on the same page as such luminaries as [Bob Pease](, [Jeri Ellsworth](, [Howard Johnson]( or [Limor Fried](, to name but 4 of the “engineering household names” on that list!

Make your own Drawdio without soldering

If you want to make your own [Drawdio]( without doing any soldering, read on…


Solderless Drawdio

The [Drawdio]( (created by [Jay Silver]( combines drawing with audio. You can get [kits]( to [build one](, or you can [solder one up on stripboard]( But I wanted to make one without faffing with a soldering iron – using screw terminal block.

That counts out the use of integrated circuits like the 555 variants used in the traditional Drawdio…