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Last night I was woken up at midnight by the bleeping noise from downstairs. I blearily wandered down in search of it…

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How many languages does an engineer need?

Much of an electronic engineer’s life is spent in front of a screen. And much of that time is creating and debugging designs using some textual format or other. Arguably, even humble [Excel]( falls into that category of “tools”. At some point many electronic designers will end up performing schematic capture and maybe PCB layout – but much of the **design** is already done by then.

So, what languages are used?

Scales for engineers

If you’re a professional (or even proficient amateur) musician, you practise your scales, and other exercises daily. This keeps your muscle-memory alive for the basics of how they will move when playing pieces of real music.

What’s the equivalent for engineers?


This site contains my ramblings on a variety of subjects. No doubt much of it will relate to the design of electronics, especially [FPGA](/taxonomy/term/1)s. There’ll likely be some [music](/taxonomy/term/3) related items and some mention of Linux also.

You can read a bit about me and engineering in my [interview with EEWeb].(

You can [contact me by email]( if you like.

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