Inadvertently made the front page of Hackaday with the solderless drawdio.

Which resulted in an order of magnitude more hits than normal before my server fell over with mysqld leaking its guts all over the console. The youtube video of it in operation that is also linked to from Hackaday has now had 1600+ hits!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my VPS SSH key with me during the day, so I couldn’t fix it until the night after, so apologies to anyone who noticed the downtime.

Serves me right – I have a fairly low performance VPS hosted by the excellent people at prgmr.com, and I installed apache as the web server. I knew it was bloated and heavy, and intended to update to nginx – but until now I haven’t had the incentive :) This week’s task it to get nginx up, and maybe tune up mysqld a bit to handle things better. And then write something equally compelling to ensure it gets tested :)

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