Bah Ubuntu Lucid upgrade

Just upgraded my desktop from 9.04 to 10.04LTS. I’d skipped 9.10 because of the Intel graphics shenangigans – there’s 133 pages to that thread – gives some idea of the level of aggro that seemed to be involved!

And today’s upgrade died horribly part way through with dependencies it couldn’t sort out…

libc6-686 wouldn’t install, and anything depending on it. And some weird looking perl module. I’ve had to hack away, putting extra options into config files, and I think it’s now going to go through the upgrade process. Eventually.

I think I might head back to Debian – I prefer the rolling “unstable” upgrade where occasionally (very occasionally) something doesn’t work after an update to the Ubuntu “have a whole new set of grief all at once” approach!

Anyway, with judicious application of apt-get upgrade -f and dpkg --configure -a and adding APT::Immediate-Configure 0; to the apt conf file, it seems to be going.

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