Image processing #002

# Detecting corners

Let’s use a corner detector as an example. [Corner detection]( is an important image processing task: corners are good things to track over several frames of an image sequence. Once you’ve tracked them you can infer 3-d positions for them.

Change of plan – from Scilab to Octave

OK, I started out on [Scilab](, but got frustrated! It’s too different to [Matlab]( – which has its flaws, but at least I’m familiar with them. I’m always going to be annoyed by the 1-based indexing of Matlab, but I’ve learned to deal with it.

Will this reduce the spam?

Thanks to [Ignacio Segura]( I have a new anti-spambot measure. Users won’t notice it (unless they browse with CSS turned off, or other such unusualness). Hopefully this will mean that a) I don’t have to “disapprove” loads of comment span every day, and b) I can allow anonymous commenting without having to approve it before it becomes visible.