Server upgraded is now running Squeeze (or Debian 6.0 as it’s more formally known).

I’m not a full-time admin, so I greatly appreciated the Debian upgrade guide – it reminds you of all the stuff you have known in the past, but have “swapped-out”, and what tasks to do in what order. In particular, the kernel changes from Debian 5 to 6 were significant enough that a potentially unbootable system may have resulted.

MYSQL broke during the upgrade – the dist-upgrade process appeared to install mysql-client rather than mysql-server which meant there was no server when rebooted, so if you noticed an error page for a short while, apologies. (Not that I expect anyone noticed as the background traffic is pretty low :)

And I allowed the upgrade to change more of my apache2 config than I should have – but that was a quick fix.

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