Aerial (or antenna!) wiring

We’ve been having a bunch of building work done, and today we finally moved the TV back downstairs to the new room! Built the new TV bench, hauled all the kit downstairs, plugged in… “No signal” said the TV. On fighting through the ivy to where the downlead comes down the house, found that the electrician hadn’t connected it to the new aerial wiring. Apparantly even these new-fangled digital signals don’t travel well from one piece of coax to another through several feet of air. My fix involved using some bicycle toe-clip mounting brackets, an old mints tin (thanks Ben!) and (the only piece of actual electrical materiel) a piece of choc-block. You can see the results in the picture – quality bodge or what :)

Splicing coax in a mint tin
]1 Splicing coax in a mint tin

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